The Pen or The Sword???

Which is more productive

Why do we use the sword as our primary weapon of defense and to make our points? Why is the sword our symbol of strength and weapon of choice, when the sword is the most expensive, least accurate and the most dangerous weapon of all? Why is the power of the pen overlooked? Common Sense?

A pen alone is harmless, doesn't threaten, offend or terrorize anyone. When a pen is used it becomes an instrument or tool for sharing one's most intimate thoughts - Powerful. Power of the Pen wills me the power to do anything I set my mind to. Without a shadow of doubt, the pen is most productive. Why not promote the power of the pen?

The pen is used for writing and reading, and can extend the reach of any man, as required. If it wasn't for the pen, what would there be to read?

Use as a weapon, the pen is mightier than the sword. More powerful than any physical weapon, the pen is the least expensive, most deadly, most accurate weapon in the world, with an unlimited maximum effective range. Why not sing about that?

A sword is a means to mortality and making enemies, but a pen is the ultimate means to immortality; and your enemies live to become your friends. Whose enemy are you?

The sword is taking our lives! Take back your life!

Though this is "an undesputed truth" and "a proven fact", we'll choose a sword every time.

>>>Zero tolerance<<<

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