GMC Alumni Responds to Black students at GMC.

Today, I received a nice and thought provoking phone call from a fellow GMC Alumni, class of 1950’s. What an honor! You must know them GMC boys have got lots of courage.

I got the feeling Larry had something he wanted to tell me and he did not want to listen.

Larry so eloquently pointed out to me that my GMC article was a bit offensive and demeaning to the school, our old alma mater. Well, I do not know exactly if Larry attended high school and college at GMC, but I did. I attended GMC from 1969-76. And what I am saying in my article is true and not in defense or offense of the school, it is to point out a sick-ass mentality and I do not care from whom. Are the people still there, probably not, but is the mentality still there? Do you expect that the school has changed, well I am no longer there.

Further, injustices that I and others students like me faced, although they did not kill us, were very unnecessary and for the good of nothing.

When asked did GMC help make me a better person has nothing to do with abusive behavior. My good comes to me in ways too numerous to count. Opportunities abound as I keep my mind, heart and vision focused. It is a sad day when a student has more sense than the staff. The abuse did not come from fellow students, it came from immature and deviant staff. Many of the incidents could have been corrected on the spot by a mature staff capable of not being blinded by color.

When asked why did not I leave, is same as asking me, Why don’t I leave Milledgeville, why didn’t the slaves leave America. The question should be how could this type of behavior go undetected and allowed to thrive in an academic environment?

I left a very small community school like GMC on academic probation and made to feel I was not college material. And on top of all that my parents paid their hard earned dollars to GMC for me to get a good education, not walk the “Bull Ring”. There ain’t anything worse than a slick coward. Then, not very long afterwards, I graduated a big University like the University of Louisville on the Dean’s List, no bull ring nor all that other crooked bullshit. There I was made to feel I could conquer the world.

We, as in Russia, China, Iraq, Pakistan... are not each others' enemies. Know the real enemies and here they are!

A Teacher should never have a Personal Conflict with any student. You set yourself up for failure or success when dealing with students, all students are your future. Abuse anywhere is abuse everywhere. Do not "try" to cover it up or water it down, it will come back to bite you every time. Kill it and let everybody know it will not be tolerated - Duty, Honor, Country. Abuse is one of the real enemies.

TODAY, I assign Georgia Military College to BULL RING duty, based upon the number of demerits it has earned. Now, you tell me what are the differences? Make A Difference! You know!

(((your inner

Randolph Scott is also a GMC student.

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