Piss and Shit

How did Art get in the middle of this shit?


There are several ways the body use to excrete unwanted materials, but these two are by far the most common.

Though they are most common, they are also, the most repulsive. The average person frowns every time they hear those words, in that exact form, even though we do them three or four times daily.

Does giving them a new name give any better or less meaning to the acts themselves? Does it, in any shape, form or fashion disguise the acts themselves?

My point by choosing to use these two words, is to demonstrate just how unrealistic people, especially Americans are today. A totally natural body function and process made into a mess. Now, we need potty training all over again.

Have you ever pissed or shit on yourself? How did it feel? Were you repulsed by it? Do you feel the need to hide it? Do you feel this is objectionable, unimportant content? Then, in there is a problem. What about obesity?

When a person piss or shit is when that person is more in touch with his or her own reality, than any other time or act, excluding being sick.

Why is that? People produce nothing but negative energy and it is received from whatever we consumed and discarded for what it actually is – waste.

Why are we so offended by these acts? We have no problem or inhabitions when it comes to feeding the face. As a matter of fact, we embrace it. However, just in a matter of hours, the same energy is transformed to the opposite end of the spectrum. So much so, that we must find a place to go hide and lock the door.

This choice of words, because I choose to use them, does that make you better than me? Is your vocabulary larger? Does a larger vocabulary enhance character? Does a small vocabulary make me a person of less character? Though we know very important information is reveal through the study of an animals scat, humans are most in denial about the process being adapted to them. We will do it in private, but no matter the importance of the process, this is just not something you do in public. Go figure.

Many men are so hung up on their own ignorance, they refuse to go get a prostate examine.

These words are an active and integral part of our daily lives, including our sex lives. Though we know, we must perform these acts and their medicinal purposes; we do not want to use these words and nor do we want anyone else to know all the shit we have consumed. We have embellished these words to the point of being embarrassing, flushing it all to a giant location, instead of covering it up. We will walk our animals without a hitch, but when it comes to our own asses, we are too sophisticated?

Though all other animals, have no problem with these words or acts, it is only humans, in our sophistication, we’ve created this great negative energy that we’ve given such negative connotations to those words. Somehow, we feel we should know better, even though we cannot do better.

We say, we have come up with a better system of performing these acts, by making access to public toilets more available. However, that has only resulted in showing how wrong we are and even more important, how nasty we are. Let us say, how under educated we are in Personal Hygiene. How we have polluted some of our most precious resources by saving up all this waste materials and depositing highly concentrated loads it in the one location. Here, we have miserably failed in our ability to recycle our own shit.

We are some poor critters.

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Piss poor performance

Pissing on your leg and telling you, it's raining?

Be kind to our planet.

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