health benefits from eating pirth and albedo

albedo(the white matter under the peel)and pith, are they one in the same?

The pith is the white skin on the inside of an orange. I scape the white skin on the inside and leave the outside skin alone.

Are there any health benefits from eating pirth and what are they?

Yes, it has some anti-cancer properties and antioxidants actually, so it is very good for you. In fact, the white pith contains the highest amount of bioflavonoids (an antioxidant), and vitamin C of the whole orange. Also there's some great fiber in it.

So, on an orange, the part we normally peel and throw away has more nutritional value than the part we are accustomed to eating?

For better results eat the whole orange. Further, I imagine that would remain true for most fruits and vegetables, like the potato.

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