Poison In Your Food

Agricultural, Medical and Political Industries and their debilitating effects - Negligence.

Art in the garden of eden

Agricultural, Medical and Political Industries are directly responsible for growing, marketing and feeding their people Poison-Kool-Aid. They are engaging in CULT ACTIVITIES.Eat more, more poison, health related issues. Garden of Eden, Apple, Snake!

Consuming Cyanide, Are you a Stupid ASS or what? Do I have that tattooed across my forehead? Why are you feeding me this shit?

What does that mean? Do not Bullshit the Bullshitter! We, "the people" are being bullshitted in the worst way? I cannot think of a better way to put it or bring more attention to it. IF not we all are going to die from this stupid bullshit. Further, there is no honor in that? You are what you eat.

The Poison Kool-Aid… And for you religious people, what's going on in the GARDEN OF EDEN? Is this what your God does for you? Is this how he expects you to respond? Has Satan convinced you it is okay, not dangerous, not poisonous in 2011? This correlation factor makes you wonder? How can you stand idly by, allowing this to happen? Are you not just as guilty as the industries pointed out above?

We already know we have poison in our food? Is the poison being retained in our body, its tissue, major organs, that we cannot do without, if damaged.

Our bodies are talking to us? It is taking these poisons in and very much like anti-freeze, toxins or poisons; they are accumulating. Much like with cyanide. As we eat more, the poison increases? By now, consumers have become numb and complacent to the debilitating effects.

Another problem is we the people heavily rely on these industries for the Absolute Truth and they fail us every time. Wake up and take responsibility for your own actions. That is what your inner voice is all about.

Horrible diseases like cancer will continue and is a most horrible thing to put anybody through. And even crazier, we embrace it. Talking about CULT ACTIVITIES and poison Kool-Aid!

An apple a day no longer keeps the doctor away, but is killing us due to following the wrong people. This is just another poison kool-aid. Our fruits and vegetables that we are willingly eating everyday is progressively killing us.

Who is growing all this poison food? Whose inspecting, approving, distributing and BLESSING it? They do not even need to hold a gun to your head. Is this logical? How is THIS positive or prosperous?

Should not our agricultural, political, medical professionals know this? Just in case, what about Religious? Why are they allowing this to happen and telling us it is okay to keep growing and eating it, and we blindly believe and follow.

Why do they tell our dumb farmers it is okay to fertilize. Well, would smart farmers grow products to get paid for killing us? Wake-up!

Why is this so important to share? That is why this is so damn important! Eat more, more poison, health related issues. It seems to make logical sense and I am not the smartest rock. Agricultural, Medical and Political Industries, and their debilitating effects makes us all vulnerable and irresponsible.

What about future generations?

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