The Long Road to Democracy

I love the idea of Democracy just as much as the most dedicated individual.

I am wrestling with something here? That is on what basis does Americans report what is going on with Democracy in America? Are we promoting it, selling what we know as Democracy to other countries, why?

How do we join in battle to over-throw governments opposing American style democracy? What about our efforts in toppling a corrupt government? And last but not least, how does any non-democracy seek the Democracy we know as Americans, why?

These are some of the reasons I can think of right now: Do they know the truth behind how America became a Democracy? Have they personally talked with any of those people who were conquered and suffered great atrocities only to meet their fate in the Democracy America enjoys so well today? Who’s lying to who? Are they watching too much TV? I mean Americans enjoy life, but do we as Americans have any less or more trials and tribulations than any other country?

If anything we have more, because the more money and power the more problems.

These foreign countries, who want a Democracy like America, all talk about America’s free speech, freedom in medical practices and so on? Do these foreign countries have blinders on? From who are they getting this false information? Are Americans really any better than anyone else, are Americans any better off? The upper crust in America has a diplomatic way of making a good image of what we would like America to be, but little do unsuspecting viewers know even Americans cannot trust Americans!

Does freedom of speech put money in your pocket, food on your table, housing…? Do they know you cannot do anything in America without MONEY? Do they know how hard it is to get money to earn a decent living in America? Where do Americans get their money? Do they really know our credit history? Do they know about our national debt and our painful tax burdens?

Do they actually know America’s race, class, gender and age discrimination problems? What about religion? Are Americans really good Christians? What about our treatment of illegal immigrants? What about our inhumane treatment of people in poverty and our open door policy for the rich and famous?

Do they know about our 12 years of mandatory education, yet America’s illiteracy rate skyrockets? Do they know Americans have priced themselves right off the charts of affordable housing, food, clothing, transportation, health care…?

Do they know about America’s addiction to fossil fuels, drugs, alcohol and fast foods? What about our gross mismanagement of people and resources? Do they know what is happening to American jobs and economy, as we speak? Do they know about DEPRESSION in America? Our extremely high crime rate? Do they know our prisons runeth over? Do they know how corrupt and insensitive our American government really is?

What about our huge arsenals of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction to poison the world? Our arrogancy in proclaiming a number one world power, the richest country in the world? Do they know about America's fast track to extinction?

Is this the kind of Democracy these foreign countries desire? Can they not see the forest for the trees? Are they looking for this magic moment? Would any rational human being wish such atrocities upon their worst enemy? Do they know America has a Democracy that is a long ways from being the Democracy America would like to have? Do they know the grass just looks greener on the other side?

In American Democracy, where are our celebrations, respect, forgiving spirit, peace, harmony and brotherhood others seem to envy?

At age 54 in America, I am still required to show identification for a beer! Do they know American Democracy is called Politics, right? If you know like I know you would forget about the American Democracy and do much better at whatever it is YOU have.

(((your inner




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