Art, I do not understand me!

What am i doing, where am I going and what time do I need to be there?

Poverty What About Poverty?
Is it a disease? What does Poverty mean? Who? Where is? Why? I don't know? How do You know?

Poverty is a choice.

The Trans-Atlantic Slave was an atrocity.

Then, with all the shit I got, why does it feel like I am living in Poverty. What does poverty mean? go here if you really want to get serious!

Poverty means: a denial of choices, opportunities, a violation of human dignity. It means a lack of the basics? I know that ain't me. why, I have everything. Look at me sitting here "browsing" or is that "gazing into its eyes" on my computer. bet you didn't know that. Still ain't took my pajamas off and it's labor day weekend. Damn!

So with all the shit I got, know, be, am I missing the basics?

I am such a “smart ass”, always have been and probably will be. How much does the basics cost? So, just what kind of job do I need to have, "just the basics"? Why the hell do I need a job, in the first place?

You need a job to have the basics? That's how you know you are in poverty? There goes the first law or is that a lie?

What are those our education system is producing, you know them college graduates. Where do they all go? Are any of them in Poverty?

What about my chores? To hell with them, you need an education?

to hell with that, you need a driver's license? Do you like when people tell you "what you need"?

Join us here: Humble Farm Refuge Petition

Telling you what you need, Is that helping or hurting? How do they know so much more about what you need and you don't? Join Us Here

Tired of living in Poverty? Sign it

Do you know what poverty is? You know I told you about the "shit smelling story"? Smell it long enough you'll get used to it. Please support us, the funnyfarm

Would you like to have that place when you are ready,,Just in case.

Poverty, remember you are "the smart ass". How many of those can you have on a farm? "stay tuned"

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