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The greatest prayer, Today, I was asked to Pray, WHY ME?

I do not know why I was chosen because they could have gone on about their business without me, no matter how great my cause.

I know for good things to happen in my/our lives I/we must constantly pray, but I never bother anyone with it until now. Today is special!

I accepted and knowing me I wanted to pray the greatest prayer ever prayed. So researched, found John 17: 1-26 and I will share some other things I learned.

THE OCCASION: A time of separation, betrayal, suffering, and crucifixion.

TIME: The hour has come, that "we" all might be "one", pertaining to "the world" and the effect it has on "us".


    A justifiable concern, for we live in a world which is:
  • Deceived (blinded by material wealth)

  • Dangerous (promises fulfillment, but will pass away)

  • Defiled (defiling those who accept it)
  • Divided (this is self-evident, especially in regards to PEOPLE)

    That you first become "one" and "we" must do all we can to seethat "The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed" be fulfilled in our lives...!

    In nothing be anxious, but in every situation, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

    The greatest prayer is the prayer you pray for yourself!

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    (((your inner


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