Purity and Pollution

Purity and Pollution

shady people in sunny places

What does this mean? I am not sure but maybe saying something about what's going on today. Is it the more we strive for purity the more polluted we become? Why is that?

When there is nothing more to talk about, what do we talk about?

A struggling people suffering more than I could ever imagine? How safe and secure are you? How safe and secure is your credibility? Is your credit score any kind of indicator? Will that keep you out of foreclosure? Does it even help any more to strive for good credibility?

While we are having mixed emotions about what has to happen to start all over again, desperation stands at our doors. We are a shady people in a sunny place.

People really want to be pure, but shady deals causes us to be polluted and forever in economic and social turmoil?

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Purity and Pollution

Are we a people with Relationships without relationship?

Desperate times drastic measures.

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