Rape Prevention and Survival

There is a thin line between love and rape--Sexual rights? Animals act on instint, people should act responsiblly. It is your responsibility and too late after the fact, so educate yourself.

Your Rights,,,Your Privacy,,,Your Responsiblity,,,Your Freedom!

You Can Make a Difference. There are many ways you can make a difference and it all starts at the top and with our sexual rights.

Work to change antiquated laws?
Work to change the social climate about sexual issues?
Promote acceptance of safe, sane, and consensual alternative sexual practices among consenting adults?
Oppose censorship of consensual sexual expression?
Fight for freedom of academic expression about sexual issues?
Help communities and individuals facing the threat of prosecution or legal action?
Support the right of adults to express their sexuality, gender identity and orientation freely and openly without fear?

Why You Should Care?

Because your sexual expression...Polyamory.

Can result in discrimination, prosecution, and even violence against you?
Can cause you to lose your children?
Can cause you to lose your job or your income?
Can lead you into a maze of antiquated laws and regulations you never even knew existed?
Is arbitrarily criminalized by state and local authorities?
Is used by the radical right to marginalize minority groups?
Can result in the invasion of your privacy by the government, both within your own home or in educational, social and group environments?
-- B and SD

We all want to better survive and if we want to help prevent rape, domestic violence,,,we must do better in our responsibility for "sexual rights".

Domestic Violence - Am I a victim?

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