Am I A Victim

Spared to help educate others about the dangers of abusive relationships. “God allowed me to survive for some reason and I just had to learn how to be strong.” Carolyn Thomas

Lying, Stealing and/or Cheating

Just the perception of the above can be the spark to light the domestic violence fuse.

Domestic violence means, "We are destroying ourselves".

It is just one more thing we add to the self destructive pot. We don't need to worry about global warming or any of that other stuff.

Nobody, deserves to be treated like this ever. Talk to your people and partners. Domestic Violence MUST STOP.

Don't force anything. If you get so angry get out and get out fast. Go away for a while until you cool down. Go away forever if it takes that. You will live to fight another day.

Men, women have a number of ways for driving us insane. That includes in-laws, family members and ('riends). Don't let it happen to you. See Milledgeville, Georgie

When you really think about it, "It just ain't worth it".

Some kill their entire family to prove a point.

Stop the beatings. YOU don't want to be beat for any reason, so why dish it out.

That includes children's discipline...I believe that's a big reason why we are so confused.

It may be a hard pill to swallow but the beatings must stop if we are ever going to regain control.

Here is why. When you beat a child you give the impression you know what you are doing and how far to take it.

Someone sees you and learns the same. It's just that simple but they may not know how to keep it under control.

My parents beat the stew out of me at times. Not saying I did not need it. But I learned to do the same. Well that cost me my family and destroyed many other relationships.

Prepare yourself now. Arm yourself with the "F" words.

All we need to know is, "How to Forgive and Forget". That's both parties. White, Black, Red, Women, Children, Iraq, Iran...

If the voice does not work,,,,forget it.

Teach it every where you go.

I regret it took me so long to learn and accept...non violence.

People still push my buttons..lying, stealing and cheating. Don't forget about wild goose chases. But now, I just forget it.

I do not agree with any violent forms. Only in self defense.

  • Am I being called names and put down until I feel worthless?

  • Am I being shoved, slapped, hit, punched or kicked by my partner?

  • Am I being isolated from friends and family because of my partner’s jealousy?

  • Do I believed them when they said they will not do it again?

  • Do I believe I cause the abuse or it takes that to love me?

  • Am I ashamed I stay in an abusive relationship?

  • Does my partner use the threat of violence to control my decisions or influence my behavior?

  • Am I afraid I can’t make it on my own?

If I answered yes to any of the above questions, we encourage you to stop what you are doing and phone 478-445-4445 for a confidential consultation before it's too late.

It did not work for me but....

Work to stop the abuse and violence before it gets started.

Better a phone call than another stabbing or physical altercation.

Get the courage phone and consult. Remember the difference between coward and nonviolent.

Is there any excuse? Carolyn Thomas face

"A woman without a face, but I am not a woman without a voice." Carolyn Thomas

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