Death and Depression


Prepare yourself! Be realistic! What just passed is just a shell.

Isn’t life depressing enough? Are you very attentative to your requirements?

How can you be depressed when you know it’s coming?

It is amazing how we live life. We live like there is no tomorrow, but yet there is. And we know tomorrow is another death of someone and at times, it’s someone close to you, if not yourself.

Like being born death is apart of life. We rejoice in birth, when we should actually be mourning, and we mourn in death, when we should actually be rejoicing.

You say people react differently to death. You say people should be able to grieve the way want. When you talk with someone who's grieving, they always say, they wish they weren’t. So why do you? Do you know what's on the other side of death, is it bad, why?

The traumatic part of death. It's not problem until it hit close to home. So that tells me, we have a choice in how we respond and if we responded accordingly, there would be a lot less traumatic deaths. Why do we choose it this way? Death and depression is death and destruction.

Death sustains life. Every time you eat, something has to die, plant or animal. Plants have a will to live just like we do. Without plants life could not go on.

How sorrowful can you make the occassion, versus how claming? Do I need to hold a vigil? Stability, if we ever got it right, the whole process of living as we know it would be much more realistic.

Are funerals for the dead or living? A healthy frame of mind, is it realistic to spend $10K for burial expenses? Have we gone "waaay" overboard in the grieving process? Is that why "they" want us to drag out the process of grieving?

Realistic, the Spirit resides within and we'll be on the same sheet of music. Live like that!

(((your inner

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