Refused, Denied, Rejected, Stalemate - The supercommittee


The supercommittee is that another meaning for FAILURE

Refused, Denied, Rejected, Stalemate, are these all words to describe The supercommitee? Is it, are they, "you've got to be kidding me", joke or what?

It reminds me of hiring a Professional to do the job and instead, the give you "a whole bunch of Bullshit"? You can't believe your ears, why couldn't you have told me earlier? Why the last minute?

Just think if your employers were that way? You couldn't do business, it would drive you crazy. You hire a professional contractor, who said, "I can do the job". And not only does he take your money, he didn't the job. Now, he's explaining, "how he's going to come back Friday!

Are you really that stupid? What about the mechanic, who never makes the repair, but instead, he wants to get paid, while explaining to you how he couldn't quite fix it. But if it happens again....

Now, you wonder HOW, we spend our money. You don't get to spend, but you keep "chipping in". Promises, Promises and more Empty Promises?

What about the "lying Ass husband", he can't quite stay away from the basement in the White House and he doesn't own a train set. Do you reckon his actions would be cause for suspect? Are we paying attention?

Do you like waking up to being Robbed Blind "everyday"? The Plantation Boss, The Alcoholic, Crack Head, you could do much better by yourself. Don't fool yourself, keep it real!

Even if you hate me, how in the sam hell do you love him? He's always explaining to you "why not", but with every other man or woman, boy and girl; "He Can"? Talking about BETRAYAL

What if Harriet Ross Tubman, John Wayne... why do we always get stuck, don't say it ARt, with the likes of, SOHPISTICATED, OVERPAID, ROB THE POOR, HYPOCRITICAL, GOD CAN DO ALL THINGS, PAYYOURTAXES, LIFT THAT BARGE, TOTE THAT BAIL, crooked ASS POLITICIANS

I don't mean no disrespect, degrading and I want to tell you is exactly "What you tell me".

You say I shouldn't smoke and you don't? You give me a logical explanation, backed by all kind of studies. You even print WARNING HEALTH HAZARD. I don't say this for myself, I say this to let you know, TO WARN YOU, THERE IS TROUBLE UP HEAD!

Make no Bones About it. Is it a light or a TRAIN. I've been busted in the ass a few times, while serving my country. Have you ever been hit by a tank - an M60A3? Ask a tanker about "not wearing your helmet while "on" your tank? You are taking a chance on your life, with just one little slip.

I failed and so what… How can they fail and we do not? Where are the supercommitees in our towns? So why do we form them? On top of all that, they get paid. Could you get paid for failure?

What happens when repeated attempts to negotiate fail, I’m thinking leaders? What kind of leader are you when you lead your people to hell?

Our Leaders are people you know, trust and elected to shoulder your burdens and to represent those who are suffering. How can they fail? Is failure an option or an excuse? How can a stalemate be? Aren’t there checks and balances?

There’s no other word for it but disgraceful. Will you accept failure from yourself, what does that do for your family? Are we family?

Pressure, negligence, Americans can wait no longer. Seniors can’t stand for it. I won’t stand for it. And I know you won’t, either. It’s time to unite with one clear voice and demand that Leaders of our country stop blaming and start fixing.

Refusing to say what you are seeing and feeling is what led this country to alleged economic and social decline. Don’t you wish you had said something earlier?

What about our football teams, colleges universities, businesses; what kind of message are we sending, when all we can talk about, are our failures, just one after another and in the end, we're deeper and deeper in debt?

How is that good economics and that was a course I flunked, well the teacher flunked me.

We’ve ended up at a stalemate because our leaders fail to compromise. If we don’t stand our ground now, we will lose our ability to stop our country from unraveling our social safety net right out from under the Americans whose lives so dearly depend on it.

The ShareCropper who helps the land owner produce a crop, he helps loads the wagon, "watch the land owner drive off anticipates the landowner, trust the landowner, denied to go with the landowner and You know the rest of the story. How can you be happy, how can he expect you to be happy? Isn't it all about BEING HAPPY?

He, the landowner was happy all the way upto this point. I mean everything was fine while you were working the crops, lifting, toting, be absent from your family, cutting corners, being frugal, doing without, getting credit, begging and pleading with doctors --- and all he has is another "sad song".

What are you suppose to tell your family, how do you explain taking crops to town and coming back empty handed? How do you explain that to Masser? He's probably going to "beat your ass". Well you wouldn't get to go alone again. He'd figure out some way to "get you back".

He sees you and your family everyday, eating picnic lunch, swimming in the pool, going to school dances, to church, putting on your Sunday "GoToMeeting" shoes and clothes. You might have even asked him to help you by "shining your shoes"?

The missess baking homemade bread, apple pie, topped with ice cream. You just bought a new car. all I know is what I see. and everything you say "makes no sense". How can you expect me, anyone, even a kid, to understand?

I don't hate nobody, got nothing to game by being prejudice, but you asked, And I told you how I feel, while you keep telling me "you are failing". I explain to you why, you say that's not acceptable and tell your wife to go in the house.

What am I supposed to do? Do you expect me to be back at work tomorrow? Am I subject to your evaluation? I can deliver, but you can't. Performance, my performance is outstanding until its time to get laid. Money, Money, Money and Sophisticated Politicians

Because we stop, life does not stop! Get in, Get out or Get runover! If I knew then what I know Now, I would havedone then what I can't do now.

That’s why I’m speaking out. To motivate, You don't have to say everything or anything, march or occupy, you can write - People can read. Above all things, get understanding.

(((your inner


New meaning for the word STUPID-2012

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