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Stop saving yourself and start reinventing it, a new type of leadership

How old are you? Never mind, but stop saving the world and start reinventing it?

As a wealthy society, how screw up are we? Why did it take so long for us to have Unlimited calling? Are we the epicenter for Mental, Physical and Sexual abuse? Who are our victims? Are they our family and friends? How long must you live to figure that out?

Do we need to save the system we have or reinvent the whole damn thing? Now, that we have all but destroyed our planet what else is left for us to destroy? How many more crisis can we cause? What’s plan “B”? Where is planet "B"?

I say, Stop saving the world and REcreate it.

What are the chances of reinventing our artificial inequity system any time soon? Guess you say, never; but never say never, especially when it comes to the generation you have charged with the task of saving your ass. Like it or not, the youth of today has been charged with the responsibility to save our sick asses.

What prompted them is the way we treat each other and we are still not happy. They know it and are sick and tired of living with our hypocritical asses.

How can they save you, when you are not willing to save yourself? They are already undoing all the crazy shit we did and they are doing it without consulting our stupid asses, which is a great thing. As soon as enough of us are out of here, they will be able to take charge and have fun doing it. How much do you know about texting, developing an App, GPS or a cell phone? The age of transparency is upon us. Helloo!!

Start reinventing the world as you know it or Prepare yourself for a new kind of Alzheimer moment. Give the power back to the people! This is the best advice I can give you. Stop saving the world and REcreate it.

Better learn how to push some buttons. You are never going to have reinvention unless you first reinvent yourself.

Create more value based relationships with priority on humanity - people and planet. Stop saving the world and start reinventing it. -- Watch the video

I am open to new ideas and alert to divine inspiration. Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit.

So being a poor old dirt farmer is looking pretty good right now.

(((your inner

Stop saving the world and REcreate it.

value based relationships

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