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If you have done a good job, what next? Value beyond compare.

Valuable relationships are Meaningful Relations. They are deliberate and specific. When done right, they are lifelong learning experiences, in which people appreciate for helping them bring stability into their lives. Now, that’s value beyond compare!

They say, all work and no play makes a dull boy, but what does all play and no work make?

The quality of the people by which you surround yourself has a direct impact on the quality of your life. If a person does not value themselves, how will they value you? So, if you do not see yourself as great value or having great value and willing to share, you might want to stop here.

My readers, I already know are struggling and work long hours. Working long hours for low quality people is stressful, unrewarding and frustrating. It is futile as you can tell by our economy. I know you need to know how to achieve the best quality of life, just like me and it is my responsibility to do my part. You deserve better than that! And together it is our responsibility to do better.

So let’s get specific.

One of the first things I do when I meet new people, is to learn what are their ideals, goals and/or objectives. Many of my friends are like poor dirt farmers and are caught off guard by these questions, but I do my best to explain. Some continue working with me and some don’t and that is a good thing. There is nothing worse than getting way down the road only to learn you hate each other.

My thing is why would you want someone involved in your life, who does not understand the importance of setting goals and objectives and are not willing to learn or teach? I want to learn and being that I am self-employed or unemployed, I implement practices into my life to make myself better.

Does that mean I want to be the boss? No, but that does mean working with someone who understands how to get ahead, is focused and willing to communicate. How else can we best work together? If I cannot see something in it for me, why should I continue working with you and vice-versa? Think about things and be more specific.

From this point on, everything we discuss and do is designed to attract the highest quality prospects available. Not just to sell, but to build better relationships with like-minded individuals. Those are the people who support you and vice versa. They understand that and so should you. Why surround yourself with people not willing to help?

It is very easy to waste your valuable time working and playing with people who do not want to go anywhere. They are not business minded, lacking in social skills and only out for themselves. They’ve been doing that for a long time and are very good at being phony, creating chaos, confusion and leaving you stuck with the bag.

Set yourself up by being more thoughtful of the people with whom you play and do business, by making yourself more valuable to the people you value.

Let them know. With the stress of daily operation, this one is easy to slip through the cracks. However, people know when there is nothing going on and it is only a matter of time before it catches up to you.

It only makes matters worse when both fail to say or address these issues in real time. You need regular updates discussing the negative and positive of what you have done so far. Many do not understand and just keep going until one day!!! Regular real time discussions or good open lines of communications have a positive impact on every aspect of your relationships and life. So why would not you do them?

Kicking your quality of life up to the next level is very rewarding, fun and prosperous; not just for yourself, but for all concerned.

Get specific. Understand for a better quality of life, your work and play needs to be directly related ONLY to your ideas of the ideal people you want around you. This is what makes it powerful enough to inspire people to take action. You can only be that compelling, when you speak directly with the right people, with the right message.

You can't get around that. Better to find love like that than to find yourself in a crack.

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