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On the subject of law enforcement officers, "Cops", I spoke with quite a few people today, different races and genders; and none of them had anything good to say for our Cops--not one thing.

As a matter of fact, one person explained that cops have always had the reputation of being bad, especially to African-Americans, in particular, the African-American male. Even, back in the day, cops had a bad reputation. Cops seem to have a serious problem making good ethical and moral decisions.

Reckon our cops would like to change their reputation?

They patrol, predominately Black neighborhoods? Why-racial profiling?

When was the last time you met a helpful cop?

When was the last time a cop helped an old lady cross the street?

Must law enforcement stoop so low to detect and deter suspected criminal activity?

Our lifestyles and communities are getting worse, not better.

Pssst, Do something different!

    What is corruption and cronyism?

  1. Yes Art, I too sympathize with what you went through and what we are going through. I agree with Mike and would like to add that we are faced with a great decision. A decision between good and evil, at a world-wide critical time. Because of the way we have been living, making this decision causes fear. Do we want peace or war? Do we want affordable health care or do we want to continue pretending we are taking care of "all" our citizens? Do we want McCain or Obama? Do we want black or white? And for too many, race is the issue. Why should we care, why should color even come up? The question we should be asking ourselves, is ? We are even affraid to ask that question. We have gotten too far away from the "double standard value system" that brought us thus far. Take the "double standard" out and now, it is all out in the open and many of us do not know how to postively respond. We are scared to death, shaking in our boots about a black man, especially, White men in America. They have no remorse, know what they did, are still doing and do not want to expose.--Bob

  2. The crime spree isn't recent, nor is it unique to any particular area or race, crime is out of control all over, low and high, world-wide and America, in particular. Though she does not admit and often sweeps it under the rug, America is in serious bad health and does not quite know how to deal with it. She suffers in great leadership. Internationally, that is why we are so involved and that is what she is fighting for--great leadership. This has caused serious tensions and violent reactions on her home front. Just listen to Barack Obama, "It is time for a change" and we know it. If the change does not come soon, she will self-destruct. Until we get that, the people, you and I, will suffer most. We are fighting these same battles at home. --Mike

  3. At this time of great distress in America. At this time of great distress the world over and all our efforts to share democracy, our peace keeping missions and to invite the world to our Christian door, I can not imagine a young generation with this kind of hate and violent behavior. The policy of divide and conquer, is going to take her down.--Mary

  4. Art, I am so upset that this happened to you. This is the reason Obama must win to break this ongoing hatred and this type of stupid behavior - it sickens me that a person who is employed to uphold the law is such a cancer in society. God will prevail - what goes around, comes around Keep the faith--Sheila

    Thank you, thank God for keeping hot-heads cool and managing to be released, without bodily harm. "When attacked by a grizzly bear, play dead"..Art

  5. Art, sorry to hear your experience. I too, am experiencing the same in my town. I am led to believe, it is "a campaign of harassment and persecution" conducted by law enforcement agencies. It is a blunt demonstration of who is in charge in the tense zone around our areas. These campaigns are not new, they die and resurface at different times and seem more evident today, than recent times. Though a few whites are caught-up in them, these campaigns are too often directed against African-Americans, in particular, the African-American male. I guess it is just something we will have to deal with, as long as we are black and male, in America.--Chris
  6. The same happened to my sister and her husband and in his defense, my sister was arrested.--Terra
  7. Your experience is a spin-off from a most recent crime spree, in the Macon, Georgia area. However, there is no excuse for the way you were treated. I also understand, the city of Macon is seeking to impose emergency measures, in an attempt to halt killings and deter crime. It is all in their efforts to see who is controlling who, who is the most powerful, who is the badest, the police or the criminal and the rest, are caught up in this bloody cross-fire.-- Jeannie
  8. Art, I cannot believe this! This is awful. I don't know what I can do, but I will do all I can. This should not be happening in 2008. All I can say is he was an angry white man - over the top. I am so sorry this happened to you. I certainly pray that justice will be done.-- Alan

  9. There is good and bad in everything, sad to say, but the people you most often think won't, most often, will.-- Dan and Betti

  10. Art, help me set up an Ebay account?--Mollie

  11. Law enforcement is employed for a "good reason", however; they create their own reputation. Their notion of being bigger and badder than criminal life is causing their own demise.-- Chuck

  12. We would like to love and respect our law enforcement, but somehow or for some reason, they will not allow.-- Elaine

  13. Our cops, most often have poor moral and ethical judgment, when it comes to law and life. They are most often too young, in-experience, have poor leadership and come from poor backgrounds. They glorify in their ability to stop life rather than to help live life. It is hard to make chicken salad out of chicken shit.--William

  14. Give a man a badge, a gun and something to ride on or in and watch what he does. Margie

  15. Hi Art, Thank God all worked out. From the sound of things, you were the better man. And I know incidents like yours are happening more and more and our cops know they can get away with it. Just check the stats, crime is quickly rising everywhere. But I am here to say, "What goes around comes around." --Delores

  16. Art, keep your head. Take his badge, gun and uniform away and what do you have? Just like he might have treated you, he will be less than a man.--Bobby

  17. Glad you are okay, my friend. Thank you for sharing, too many incidents, like these, are swept under the carpet, that is why it is tolerated.-Bill

    Thank you guys for all your responses. I am an ex-cop, I have served twenty-three years in the U.S. military, I am a veteran, I have worked in the White House, the education system, the prison system, juvenile justice system, law enforcement. I have a college degree. And above all, I have, most often, valued myself as being a good man. I know, without a doubt, what kind of person I was dealing with and the skepticism of those supporting him. I also know that the only reason I was released was because of the wicked way old officer johnson treated me and me not responding accordingly.

    Official reporting of these kind of incidents, can be very time consuming, vindictive and often go unheeded, just as his colleagues stood by. For Old Officer Johnson, I wish him well and I am sure he is going to run into his match, very soon. Just as I felt for those who witness this event, I feel for his ma, his pa, his sisters and brothers, his friends as they witness his behavior on a daily basis. Home is where it all starts. And if they do not know, they can read about him here.

    I wonder if he would treat a white man, any white man, that way?

    I love people, all people; I love myself and desire that same unconditional love in return.

    Again, thank you for your responses and we are going to "keep on trucking".

    Prayer changes things If you would like to begin a relationship with my Father today, quitely pray this simple prayer: Father, I invite You into my life. I believe and By faith, I open my heart and mind to receive You. Amen.

    See Revelation 18

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