Retirement Communities

From where do we get these stupid-ass ideas and why do we keep trying to make what never worked, work?

Have you ever taken care of the elderly? For what are we supposed to be preparing ourselves? Think about shit?

From where do you get this elderly care bullshit? Why do you keep trying to reinvent the wheel, instead of learning how to use it?

Do you really ever retire? Is retirement worth the benefits? Why do retired people lie? What does it mean to be retired? To what problem is that the solution?

Retirement Communities, Our Parents Place, assisting families in finding resources of every kind or giving them resources to provide for themselves? Do we not want you to learn how to provide for ourselves? So what are the ELDERLY CARE SOLUTIONS for you and your loved ones?

Elderly care, what exactly is a retirement community and how does it relate to the best elderly care solutions? Should we gather up all our elderly and put them in one place, we consider nice? For what have they worked? Is that “the thanks” we all can look forward to? If we don’t do that with our teenagers, why would we do that with our parents? Who the hell wants to be in a group home or community, without other family members, no matter the age, illness…

What happened and is happening to “we take responsibility and care for our own? Why do we even write in "fine print"? Do you know how small the writing on our labels are and we have the nerve to write in multiple languages. Why would you agree, sign and promise to abide by shit you cannot even read, much less understand, yet ask me for an explanation?

We always start shit, by making it nice, but as time progress we realize our inabilities to maintain responsibility and accountability for that which we are not responsible nor accountable? It’s easy to start, but impossible to maintain. The problem is we do not want to give individuals the resources needed to do the jobs, because we do not trust them. So how and why do we trust those who have even less of an incentive to do the right thing? There are those of us who do not want to give up shit, but we want it given up for us??? There are those of us who lie all about what kind of care they’re receiving and there are the professionals leading the way to hell.

Is it something we created for the good of our society or something they created for the good of their pockets? Is it functional? How do we expect someone else to do more for our elderly than we are willing to do for ourselves?

I have a friend who says, Don’t expect a teacher to do more for your children than you are capable and willing to do yourself. Does the same apply to our elderly? Should we admit and leave them with their heads hung down in Elderly Care to people we expect to do more than we are willing?

(((your inner

Unseen power in words.

Why do you have and yet refuse to share? What will that cost your selfish ass? Do you really know what selfish mean? Does it have anything to do with the money in your pocket? Homeless versus Vacant HOmes???


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