Role of Powerful Women of this World

where are they and why I cannot get the attention of at least one of them?

Here is Art!

I would have to think something I am saying is profound and needed in order to save a people and a society! I hear from all kind of people who commend me on my work but never from anyone who can and is willing to help make it a reality.

In American Society Today, I have met and dated a few beautiful and potentially powerful women, but there was always something blocking. Was it me? Now, I am going to do me a little favor and try to learn what is happening. Here goes!

What good is a list of the most powerful women in America when our economy and country is going to hell? What is the message here? Are you offering me a better choice or a choice I cannot have? Are you saying if we all applied ourselves we would be just as successful? So why does not our government follow their successful leads? I guess I ask too many stupid questions?

As powerful men working to get somewhere, what does that say about the need for a powerful woman? Can we together work and play or are we on two different teams? Are there some matters beyond our control separating us? Then, just how are you “the most promising”? Where is the discipline in training?

What is a powerful woman? A powerful woman is a woman highly respected among people for her leadership abilities and skills. This feat is especially impressive today because these most powerful women demonstrate a rise of women leaders in a male-dominated society.

Having powerful women on your side, what exactly does this mean? It would mean a way in which to improve yourself, and an opportunity to use their knowledge, experience and resources to help become the best you could be.

In most cases that means a death sentence and destruction of potentially great relationships because one is threatening to the other. These relationships are destroyed due to insignificant misunderstandings and ignorance, so much so, where one partner feels a need to knock down the other - competition. And in our society today there are potentially well more differences than ever before.

What must you do to network, love and respect them all at the same time? Today, there are some things that stand between us, most of which are fear and lack of confidence. So stiffer control measures are implemented. Cheating and all that comes with it quickly takes its toll on the romance of potentially great relationships.

We have a problem expressing ourselves to ourselves and likewise to our partners. There is much pressure created in personal relationships by trying to live up to the standards of a broken society, instead of being open to learn and grow with each other.

We must let go of gender differences. We must understand what a man and woman really wants and needs to feel good about themselves in relationships, instead of playing the expectation games of a broken society. Come to terms, embrace and respect those truths, instead of condemning each other. You see, we spend far too much time and effort covering up our true feelings, fantasies and fetishes to achieve what other miserable couples have laid down as ground rules for healthy wholesome relationships, knowing all the time they had good intentions but bad relationships. Today is proof.

What powerful woman would not want to come home to a powerful man who loves to work and play? What powerful woman would not want to come home to an atmosphere which soothes her soul?

And then what? After the infatuation is over, now what? How and why do we allow our relationships to fall in these kind of slumps? Why is one partner more focused on agreed upon priorities than the other? What happened to the play and work that brought you together?

It means meeting willing partners with resources to compliment each other? It means meeting not only one, but multiple partners in order to accomplish the greater mission. This is especially true when we talk about relationships without drama or power struggles. These are relationships without control issues. These are relationships with priority on rebuilding our communities and our country in a manner we know is needed in order to save ourselves and forfeiting closed relationships and mentalities.

How powerful is powerful? The real question is how do I get their attention, without selling my soul?

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