The rules and regulations of life

There are rules and regulations in life we must follow aren't there? What group of people know them "all"?

I've never seen a larger concentration of talented people. They all have explored and know ever nook and corner of their environment and takes full advantage of any opportunity presented.

Most effective and efficient, not even a crumb goes wasted.

So what group of people know All the rules to life and living? Is it preachers, priests, politicians, attorneys. No, none of the above.

It's Inmates and there are multiple prisons in every state. Prison is where you will find our best and brightest and to add to our sin and guilt, their fate is in our hands - damn? Is it because we hold them accountable and responsible?

We do more for prisoners than we do for the poor. I am sent to proclaim good news to the poor. They will have twice as much restored to them.

(((your inner

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