Ruling Powers

You're so vain! Do you think you're in the ruling class?

Okay, how so? How can you "rule a class" and fail to rule in your community? What does rule really mean? Why can't I be in the ruling class?

Ruling powers and Ruling Class

Now, I know who the Ruling Power is, so who the hell is the ruling class? Is that a valid question, why?

Why would a man ruin his own rule? Why would he commit suicide? Human rule over Natural Rule, brought on by Natural Curiosity.

What would you say about PARENTS, who voluntarily, for no good reason, gives their BABIES to another race of people to suckle. Why would you take the time to get a baby you have no intentions suckling? Then, you run-around “acting” like you’re too busy. You’re doing more important things? You need a school to raise your children. If those people in South Africa only knew – your defecation of LOVE. If they only knew the hard ships you put us through, would they google the internet for “What is love”?

If you ask this defecation of the Ruling Class, you are going to get shit on and I mean that in the PUREST SENSE.

AFRICAN-AMERICANS can tell Africans how the Ruling Class in America shit on and is still SHITTING ON THEM and being forbidden to talk about it. That’s why we tell you lies about how great our QUALITY OF LIFE.

We were being UN-Naturally curios when The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade swooped down on our asses and has been made to feel GUILTY about it every since.

What do you do with your senior citizens? A. Admit them to a Nursing home? Why an institution? Just one more thing for your senior citizens to stress about.

Ruling class: Do humans rule? How do you get ruling class above and beyond "ruling humans"? Is the only way to accomplish this, is to "force them into submission". Rape, pillage and burn. Who derives pleasure from raping, pillaging and burning - The Ruling Class.

The key to this is, Remember if you keep living, you're going to get old too. And if you do not change it, you can look forward to a nursing home.

Only the ruling class can explain things like this. You say be yourself is that natural? Is it natural to be yourself? I means some really have an UN-Natural Addiction to Curiosity.

Do you know to what extent, how low, Americans will stoop to get just a little dirt on your ass? Do we strive off that? I mean we really eat up that shit. We can't wait till the next disaster. We had better hope "it is not our asses".

(((your inner

Or do people derive pleasure from CONDEMNING ANOTHER? Porn into existence, how did it come?

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