Saturday's Rapture

well, I did not want to say anything until it was over? Has anything changed? Now, that you have a second chance, will anything change?

With birds falling out of the sky in Louisiana and Arkansas, man Predicts World Is Coming To An End ... Prediction of Saturday 'Rapture 'May 21, 2011, End of the world church?

Is this any indications of how misguided some people, especially Christians, really are and can be? Why would any person or persons predict their own demise, which is no secret? Do you know how much fear, confusion and chaos that would create?

What kind of person would go around repeating such shit? People would do even more stupid shit, just out of fear and no fear. Jim Jones and others?

Selfish, what purpose does that serve? Are we not living accordingly? What good does that do? Do they even consult with each other? Out of all of them, could not one of them have strongly recommended this news is not worth broadcasting and they all listen? Then why should you? Because of it what exactly could you do?

Lesson learned: READ MORE THAN ONE BOOK! What book did the American Indians read? Are you that much better? Think about shit? Is the Queen of England any smarter?

Think of others rather than "just I". Predicting the end, why not predict a new beginning?

(((your inner


Perishing a People

Famine of words

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