Save The People??

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Save The People, A change is coming and I am not going to give up on it.

Save yourself the mental and emotional anguish! It is time!

It is about surviving, if you don't get this picture, it's done. You have done yourself. How much clearer can this be.

Disease, Crime, Financial, Economic... What else do we need to see? The end! If we do not address this, as a whole people, what else can be done?

People live in your heart. Don't let me die, Help me to live. People you do not know? For what do you have to live?

As a generation of people, who do not know and are leary to care, we have got to save ourselves. The government cannot do it all. Its up to us.

“A Great Time! A Troublesome Time! A Terrible Time!”

Your answer is here: Sign our HFR Petition

Why are we living the life of a lie, poor, depression, you can't nothing from the banks nor the man next door, who supposed to be your brother and KEEPER?

Stop standing still, Sign our HFR Petition

Why do you want a little something when you can have a lot of everything? Poverty was created by man. Poverty, rid America of Poverty.

See about yourself, why not you? Time is ticking. 2012 will make a total difference. We need a change!

This is the beginning of your start. The President has opened the door. 5,000 signatures and I employ you to sign our petition.

We are living a little longer, but we are dying faster.

God gives you refuge. People will be able to do what they were born to do, be connected to the earth. We are so far away from nature, our center core, and that goes against us.

Let’s go in: Sign our HFR Petition

--- contributed to by Ms. Diana Stubbs

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