Rejection and abstinence

Will there come a time when you cannot be so picky? Why do we put a piece of paper in between sex?

I wonder if God ever gets rejected? All those weird, hot, steamy, hormonal feelings, where did they go? One minute you could not get enough of each other and now, the other one stinks? How did you allow this to happen? Is rejection the same as abstaining?

You know, you always hear about Priests and abusing little children, but you what about Nuns, what are the differences? Sexual abuse and corporal punishment, and enjoying it? Could it be rejection? Abstinence, how do you ever know if it is good? Saving yourself for God, is that stranger than fiction? Voodoo! How open-minded are you?

Do you really know what you want? How do you have safe sex? Is it from disease, pregnancy, love or all of the above? Is your partner going to stick by you, no matter what? How many rejections before they start cheating or suspecting? Will you marry me? If you must ask for sex, is there something wrong? So how does peer pressure fit into all of this? As time goes on, will you ever reject good sex?

The fear of rejection, does it drive your train? Why would a Priest take the innocence of a child? Trust and an easy target, why do you put your children in these predicaments? The door to God, is it mean and abusive?

What exactly are you supposed to do when the woman of your dreams reject you? You turned your back to me? You went to sleep? You did not respond accordingly, so I went to sleep? You did not remove your clothes? Are any of these acts of rejection? Are any of these worthy of being rejected? If you cannot get pass these, is there any reason to go continue? Is rejection cheating? Is it a testament to your ability or inability to perform?

That little light of attraction, does it ever go out? And then what?

Is silence a sign of rejection? How well does your partner deal with rejection? How do you know? How well do you deal with rejection? For every action, there is a reaction. Does no really mean yes?

Affraid of rejection from your wife? How open minded can she be?

So what is it exactly that may cause you to reject any efforts to make love from your partner? You said, in the beginning you had to fight him off? What happened? Is a monogamous relationship cause for boring sex? Does a piece of paper make sex or marriage any better or is it security from rejection?

What do you do after taking all you sex enhancement drugs, you are met with rejection? Is a drug now replacing the need for a woman to “turn you on”? Illegal drugs or prescription drugs, which is safer for sex? Who is really turning on who? If all the sparks leave your part of the relationship, is that cause for rejection? Are there supposed to be sparks in a sexual relationship?

Does being in a relationship make you more or less attractive? Then, why are there so many break-ups? Does any of these questions apply after sixty?

So, how do you avoid from STDs?

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