divorced or divorcing

Where is the example marriage, the model marriage? Why do we portray them so?

Then, why do we keep marrying? Even worse, why do we keep encouraging marriage?

Is divorce how you embrace your hard fought right to marry? How do you make sure? How are you certain your reasons are true and viable to you before you act on them? Is divorce all about what you do not know? Is that the reality?

People boast about how “good” they are, but when it gets right down to it, we are not worth a shit. Now, even today, somebody admonished me about grouping people, but they are the very ones belonging to the group. I don’t know who came up with that bullshit, but people are, just like anything else, associated with groups and categories. We are groupies by nature, but will not admit it. That is what respecting and learning people are all about. Respect borders. Do you believe? Which comes first, the divorce or abuse and violence? Why didn’t you resolve the problem before it got out of control? Is divorce a hump you just cannot get over? Is it more of a challenge to marry or divorce? Why would you so eagerly jump into something so hard to get out of? Is marriage like jumping into a bunch of “quick sand”? What are your chances of success, without failure? How long and how much must you suffer before you get out, all because of a piece of paper? It’s not the marriage driving us crazy, but that one sheet of paper, legally binding us. Why do you need papers on you spouse? Are you afraid they will get lost, that they will no longer own you? Why not take marriage one step at a time, before you start having and involving children? Do you take that serious? Do you look forward to divorce? What do divorce lawyers do in their own divorces? They try to stay out of court.What a traumatic experience? A person can rape you with their eyes. Sharing Your collapse on the new millennium. What happened to God's authority over man and marriage? Are you saying you made a mistake? Do you try, try again with the same person or do you chose a new one? What difference does that make, loving one while hating another? Do you really hate or you just can’t work together? Is it a time to give up? If you saw that person on fire, would you even piss on them? So why do you make all this fuss?We profess to rehabilitate criminals, but we can’t even rehabilitate love ones. Is it that we get too close together to be able to breathe? How does the politically correct become incorrect?Why do you feel nervous about my presence? Am I raping your mind? Divorce (or the dissolution of marriage) is the final termination of a marital union, canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the ... But because you destroy the paper/contract exactly what does that mean?

Is that how you got into this mess in the first place? Haven’t you signed enough of their phony ass papers? Why do you put so much faith in a piece of paper, when you know it all about The Most High. What does making it legal or illegal mean? By whose standards are you marrying and divorcing?Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Simply means, Think deeply about this shit before you do it? Are you prepared for the ups as well as the downs? On what will you all be working, if not together? Remember the good times, don't you want more It's not a perfect love, but I'll defend it 'Cause I believeOpen your eyes and see all those before struggling in the quick sand and the evidence thereof. Know thy self. The ability to work together is the key in any relationship. If you can’t produce anything without marriage, think of the possibilities after you marry? We have got the cart before the horse, now How do you look?

That’s my property, don’t touch it. The marriages today are just a piece of paper disrupting harmony between two people. How do you own anybody? What else it the paper saying? Do you need a written contract to help bond you together. If you do, you are already considering legal action, within the system of the enemy. Is being tricked anything new, but it is life. A piece of paper doesn’t mean shit and never have. Why do we listen and act like we are obeying a people who have never lived in peace and harmony?

You can't love, cherish and depend on your brothers and sisters, but you can love and cherish the person with whom you are married? You can't live in peace in harmony with your sisters and brothers but you claim to live in peace and harmony with you spouse.

Just another worthless tradition bringing about even more stress, created by a people who have not a clue and is notorious lying, cheating and creating chaos and confusion.

People should be free and you will learn valuable lessons, and because you are afraid to share that freedom, you will forever live in bondage.

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Don't marry, be happy!

You share him with everything else, but that little thing between your and his legs, what does it really mean. You tell men not to think with it, how can you teach that thinking about it? Sharing your man

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