Sistahs Seriously Wrong

Our Sistahs are in a Serious State of Denial

What is wrong with the "coca-cola bottle figures" of yesterday, for women of today? How does looking good transform to looking bad or just the opposite?

Sit down girl, because somebody needs to tell you something. Lower your voice now, because your yelling does not scare me.

There is something seriously wrong with our Sistahs, today 2012 and it looks like we're going to take that bullshit on into the future. Why do you think I do not know? I have sense enough to know but what about my brothers and Sistahs?

Every time that nigger gets in trouble momma is paying. Something is heavy on them. Don’t let that boy have you sitting outdoors because that nigger ain’t right.

This "something wrong with our Sistahs" has to do with their Stomachs, Asses, and Ankles. These body components are abnormally exploding all over the place, just ain’t healthy and it is very obvious.

Take a minute and look around, young girls with pot bellies… the pot belly pig ain’t got nothing on them. This phenomenon does not discriminate, white girls are right behind them, with big stomachs, asses and swollen ankles. This phenomenon has become the norm rather than the exception. What happened to the coca-cola bottle figure for which women were known?

Bootiedo and bootiedo is when the stomach sticks out further than the bootie do.

As a matter of fact, these girls refer to their swollen bellies as MUFFIN TOPS. They affectionately refer to their asses as “junk in the truck, bootielious…. The ankles swollen twice their size are often decorated with anklets, tattoos…

"There is something happening to our bodies and I'm not sure if we recognize the changes and them implications. Wake-up and understand why. Are the changes to the body in the food, air, bio or physical? Are they healthy for a good wholesome life? Are these signs indicating something good is coming or do they indicate just the opposite?" ---Queen Esther, 84 years old.

Queen Esther already knows there is something bad happening to us in America and we’re ignoring the obvious. She wants me to write and she wants to read what I have written, so we can wake-up and do better.

There are spirit guides and voices of wisdom, they guide our stupid-asses if we listen.

(((your inner

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