Social Responsibility

To resolve social issues? Humanity with people already fighting.

Blogging for a Better World! To whom does social media cater?

In this world where cruel & merciless people are seen everywhere, there are still some people who are kind & human. We all want to take some kind of responsibility at some point in time. I am pleased to inform you about my responsibility and my efforts.

Just as we hold our leaders responsible, we must hold ourselves responsible to take appropriate and necessary action. Together we have the power to make a great difference. The problem is how do you get us all together? There is "Extraordinary Power" between ordinary media and ordinary People. The question is, "Do you have the courage"? What difference does it matter if it is the Wall Street Journal, BBC, Facebook or the Why not all?

Social media is the best and the least expensive means of reaching out to the masses! The masses have the ultimate power and responsiblity for resolving social issues.

A person is killed in your home or community. A child goes uneducated, people lose their most precious possessions, parents are humiliated and a family members dies, even for a curable disease and/or "no logical explanation". How much of that are you going to let go? How much of that can you afford to loose?

Every minute. Every day. Every year. Yes, in your home, office and playground. Your America, your motherland. The less YOU do, the more it happens.

Humanity is being strangulated to death. It is gasping for air, kindness. Some mercy. Begging to live. Don’t let it die. Let it live, to make this world a happier place. Let it live, to stay alive in our hearts. Let it live, for our present and future. Help, every hand is needed!

The present equation is Less Love | More Fights. Let’s change this. Let’s make it More Love | Less Fights. People are fighting over small personal issues. If you want to fight something, fight against the social issues and eradicate them from our society.

Together, let us establish a new standard! Let’s add humanity to our parades. Come, join hands and celebrate humanity with people who are already fighting.

If you are supporting or working towards a cause then (((your inner would like to hear your story. I will feature such story on my BLOG, giving it the appropriate attention it deserves.

Bloggers at the moment can help make a difference by promoting good causes and letting people know about organizations and actions like yours. Social media is the best and the least expensive way to reach out to the masses. So let’s use it for a better cause.

(((your inner invites Organizations working for social issues to come and share their details with us. We can share your voice with the masses. We have the power to do it. So let’s pledge to do something good for our home. Let us be the reason for someone’s happiness. Let’s start!

Real Discussion, Real People!

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(((your inner Bogging for a Better World.

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