Specializing in Life

What about specializing in Life expectancy? What’s more important?

What do you expect in life? I was whinning about a death today, which is not normal for me. Then a friend reminded me of what I always say, "Dead and Gone". That kind of shocked me back into reality.

Specialize or die early. Gain clarity, direction and fulfillment by developing and improving your current situation. So, what’s the plan?

You know, it is often too late by the time you learn that, not the answer, but wise enough to ask yourself that question. So what good is life if you do not learn how to enjoy it, without being reckless.

We want to move forward in life and live so we can enjoy our "golden years". Their is a certain amount of stress relieved by knowing that.

To develop so as to become adapted to a specific function or environment, evolution is a means of specializing, adapt or die.

But is there a thing as failing to evolve, adapt or grow? What happens when you become stagnant in life? In other words, if you refuse to specialize the world will leave you behind.

Did you know a diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil and a healthy lifestyle is associated with a lower rate of mortality? There is something about that wording? I'm not too sure about that, but I think they are saying using that diet you can live a lot healthier. That makes sense. Did you know regular stretching keeps the body from getting so stiff?

We are specializing in life aren’t we? That's good for me.

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