State of the Union 2011

Make the hard choices now!

Our Constitution declares that from time to time, the President shall "give to the Congress information on the State of the Union." For 221 years, our leaders have fulfilled this duty. On January 25, 2011, President Obama will deliver the annual address to a joint session of Congress from the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol. The State of the Union gives the President an opportunity to not only report on the condition of our Nation, but also to outline his legislative agenda and priorities to Congress and the American people.

With the high privilege and distinct honor, the empty chair noticeably vacant and the empty chairs! Differences are a good thing. Each of us is apart of something greater, setting us apart as a nation.

A new era of cooperation is needed and whether we can work together tomorrow is what is most important, we must.

America is poised for progress and progress is measured by the success of the American people working together. The competition for jobs is real. America has the largest most prosperous economy in the world. To come back we need to spark creativity and innovation in every person. Obama-Come-Back Can we reinvent ourselves, as Americans? Parties must work together to make that happen.

Teachers are very important to future growth of America. What will be the new industry to create jobs? Become a teacher, your country needs you now? Raise the expectations of every child? Clean energy? Connecting every part of America, from high speed rails to high speed internet?

Quit losing ground and start gaining ground. Let us fix what needs fixing and move forward.

America is standing with those who take more responsibility and support the democratic aspirations of all people, especially those who defend our country.

We should have no illusions about the work ahead of us, it will take time and it will be harder because we will argue about everything. Restrain federal spending.

We are a little company but we do big things, our destiny remains our choice that is how we win the future. If we do all that, The state of our union will be strong. The end.

So exactly what are the hard or tough choices, who and how will you make them?

I stand strong with our president and his plan to move our nation forward after last night’s State of the Union speech. If we work together, we can help continue the progress we’ve made the past two years. From health care reform to ending “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” to beginning the hard work of getting our economy back on track – we’ve come too far to ease up now. Add your voice today, and let’s keep moving forward!

Will you stand with me as we strive to win the future?

(((your inner

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