my first State of the Union address 2010

I loved it. It was educational, very informative, entertaining—(Things like this embarrasses her.) and incredibly inspiring. So much so, I watched the entire program, for the very first time and I am 53.

No other US President has ever inspired me so. As I look back at former Presidents, from present to past, I did care, but wasn’t inspired, wasn’t interested, knew whatever they said would make no sense to me.

So for, being able to hold my attention, peak my interest, entertain me, make me laugh, touch my heart, inform, educate, give me some since of renewed hope, it was the State of the Union address 2010, that will go down in my history book.

The man has got a plan! He is watching what’s going on! He knows what “They” have been doing. He knows what they are trying to do. And, most importantly, he is keeping the public informed. I ain’t saying he is telling everything, what man/politician would?

I came away feeling, those things he addressed, were also important to me, most of them anyhow. So, I am over-joyed. I heard the problem and plausible solutions. I agreed, respected and learned something from the way, Mr. Obama deals with adversity. I mean, as President, he knows some of those Big Fat Boys, hate him. Even crazier, it has taken all this time for them to come up with reasons why.

I liked all the other Presidents, but I had no choice. I felt they were frauding the government like crazy, but I couldn’t believe people, checks and balances, weren’t doing their jobs. They allowed corporate greed to bring our country to its' knees. So right now, our country is divided, vulnerable and confused, as we/some struggle to help rebuild.

While we are doing that, they are busy being a distraction, finding fault in every little thing and drawing our attention away from what’s going on and what we should be doing, and redirecting it to their own self-interests. They are doing that by trying to out talk and think the President of the United States and destroying the integrity of our new President.

Why didn’t they do that for former Presidents? Why didn’t they raise up when we learned, there were no weapons of mass destruction found, in the war that never should have been? When they learned about corporate greed?

Our President knows the pressure against him is mounting. Pressure that would cause the average man to crack and fall victim to a corrupt system of politics. A system of politics that has knocked this country to its knees. A system of politics, where every politician is politicking for his or her own self-interest. That is to what American politics has become. That is all I ever see, anyway. What people? Where are they?

The money has never filtered down, not to poor folk, anyhow. If it didn’t serve their own selfish purpose, then what happene to it, politics as usual. They just said, we needed a change and was patting themselves on the back for exposing corruption in our system of government. Now, the sleeping bear has awakened. He has realized that he has exposed himself to himself.

Now, they had rather fight than switch. They are pulling off their black sheets, burning them and again, flaunting their white sheets. Under the current regime, who are not concerned about the color of sheets so, why should they? They refuse to support the President, no matter what he does? Where is their patriotism? Where is their loyalty? The big fat boys are also being big cry-babies and in their temper tantrums, have reverted back to their same old greedy ways and are now using every means possible to undo what little progress we have already made. On top of that, they want to recruit YOU.

I mean you are talking about politicians who are so out of touch with reality, they have no earthly idea. They have never lived in the reality of what life is supposed to be. They don’t even know we exist. What about change a tire? Can’t afford to buy a car? Can’t afford to make needed home repairs, car repairs? Food? Clothing? But, they know polls, lobbyist, special interest groups, bonuses,,, - corporate greed - . Corporate greed is all they have ever known. Everything to them is actuality, actually what they are doing and what is coming to them,,,That’s it!

Thank you Mr. President for my first State of the Union address. I look forward to the next.

I actually came away, not only feeling my citizenship renewed, but I really want to help our President help us, get our country back on its' feet. The same as I would help any President or man in this regard. I was forced into this economic situation by the others and I had no choice or felt I not informed enough to make a sound decision and I still had to fulfill my patriotic duties. I did it then.

Why would not I help those opposed to The President? They are not in power and they would be opposed to helping to get this country back on track.

I can only follow one order at a time and anybody giving orders, outside of the President is causing confusion, chaos, doubt and ultimately killing any chance of us all pulling together, in harmony to undo what has been done.

Now, I have a well informed choice, a decision I can make. I can do it for my country. Yes, I will listen to our President and do whatever is asked of me, and complain later. I can do that just to see if it/I could really help my country out of this mess.

(((your inner

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