A stranger

The overwhelming fear of strangers.

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Don't talk to strangers! Better Lock Your Doors! There is a stranger in the neighborhood! Be very cautious of strangers!...

To the people with these kind of attitudes, what are we suppose to do? Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? Or like I said about my neighbor, Think before you act. All of this counts for our general rudeness to each other. It is considered polite to speak. Why not? When you are considered a "Cheese-eating" what do you do? And this ain't about food.

In this world there are no strangers, only friends you have not met! Everyone is a stranger until you meet them.

The harsh reality of it all is, One day you will need the help of a total stranger. Another is in an emergency situation you may have to depend on a stranger. Another, in an emergency situation, a total stranger is more likely to help you than a friend or family member. Now think about our attitudes towards strangers?

I am talking about strangers, not criminals. Too bad strangers are blamed for criminals and some criminals are strangers, saying; there is good and bad in all things. However, our traditional approach to strangers can be terrifying. My thing is if we are going to get along better, we must remove this "terrifying factor".

This website has interesting findings about strangers and I have posted them here:

"As a species, we tend help each other, and a surprising amount of our security and safety comes from the kindness of strangers. During disasters: floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, bridge collapses. In times of personal tragedy. And even in normal times.

When I was growing up, children were commonly taught: "don't talk to strangers." Strangers might be bad, we were told, so it's prudent to steer clear of them. And yet most people are honest, kind, and generous, especially when someone asks them for help.

If a small child is in trouble, the smartest thing he can do is find a nice-looking stranger and talk to him. These two pieces of advice may seem to contradict each other, but they don't.

But if a stranger comes up to a child and talks to him or her, it's not a random choice. It's more likely, although still unlikely, that the stranger is up to no good." The Kindness Of Strangers

"If you want to know how much you will enjoy an experience, you are better off knowing how much someone else enjoyed it than knowing anything about the experience itself," says Gilbert. "Rather than closing our eyes and imagining the future, we should examine the experience of those who have been there."

Once, I heard a little boy say a speech, he said, "When you meet a stranger show yourself friendly". What about the good ole southern tradition of a nice greetings to all people you meet?

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