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Stripping Everyone

Charisma and Ignorance are going to be the death of you!

How are they stripping you and does that come as any surprise?We the people are actually being Stripped of all the things for which we have worked so hard, our power and dignity. They are not only stripping us, they are raping us! The more they do the braver they get. They go without being challenged and the vicious cycle continues. It is not just poor folk but also the wealthy? Poor folk just have fewer alternative courses of action.

Poor people are so vulnerable and worked so hard for their things. They just can’t believe the nice boy down the street will just take their things to buy more drugs.These Strippers are lavishly funded, highly coordinated and do not care for all these rehabilitation programs, they manage and profit from them. They are manipulators and fear is their greatest weapon. YOU are afraid of losing everything you have, but you are going to lose it anyway, one person and piece at a time. The same things they are doing with land and resources, they are also doing with people. It is legal but self-defeating.

At what point do we say, Enough is Enough and save the masses? Short of your life, what do you have worth holding on to so hard that refuse to go up against these people? Why do you keep quite? How can the masses be so afraid of the minorities? They are just a group of boys who live on the back roads.How? How can these strippers do more for you than you can for yourself? They have charisma working for them and you have IGNORANCE working for you.

What can you do about it?

(((your inner

Your thoughts, what good are they?

Stripped of your title!

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