Your Thoughts

Where do they start? What good are they? What good are your own personal thoughts???

From the White House to the Out HOuse, you hear so many people complaining, they cannot figure it out and blame others, why?

Why even concern yourself with your own thoughts when everything you do is the same old same ole? How often/much do you get to have your own thoughts and act upon them? Is it offensive to be different? What good are your own personal thoughts when, for one reason or another, you so seldom act upon them?

From where are thoughts created? Where do your thoughts start? What happens when you are tired? Can you think straight? Just like everything else thoughts are created, generated with and by energy. The same energy causing everything else to move in the universe and like the universe thoughts are infinite.

What does your thoughts create? What thoughts must you have in order to learn how the law of attraction works in your life?

You can end most of your worries by better understanding COMPASSION.

Your thoughts create! I am spiritual but not religious. I believe we are part of the whole and what one does effects all and future generations.

My goal is to spend the rest of my life proving that. I have no needs but do have wants which I love to manifest. I have an open mind and believe, together we create our world with our thoughts. Positive thoughts bring positive actions.

If you have any energy left, Go here to learn how to connect to your enegy source: My higher consciousness

Thank you for your time!


I used to think energy fEnergy follows thought but I have learned, it is just the opposite. Energy creates everything through movement.

Food for thought

Power of thought

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