Struggling in Life

What would you do to make life better, why don't you?

Is that the first step to struggling? Wintley Phipps said, "If the mountain was smooth, you couldn't climb it". But must we make more challenging than necessary? Would I add insult to injury by creating and putting in front of me, my own stumbling blocks? You hate me, but you love their asses?

Really, who is the more deserving, me or them? what would benefit you most or best, to roll five tires at a time or one? what about sharing the other four with people in need? Are we that greedy or selfish? Stingy?

Why would I educate myself to be a fool? Why would I promote myself to some high position and power, only to compromise "my" integrity. To no longer be myself? Is that normal or what? To lie, is the money, power and status worth it?

How do they get us to see what they have as being greater, more important than what you have or can do? That's an amazing trick isn't it or are you "just that stupid"? How could or would one man educate another man against him own self? Deny him those things to which he thinks he need to better live? How bad do you want a new car, house, education, job, utilities, taxes...?

What does "to struggle" mean? Are you struggling? Would you know if you were? You know there's a problem when the more you struggle the more entangled you become?

Don’t compare yourself to another man. Are you tired of not knowing when you know you know? Why must you be "dumbed down"?

The stress and frustration of never having no where near enough. Who cares if you have transportation, food, water, heat, housing...? And on top of all that, you must put up with all his Bullshit; and then it’s too late. Is that the same as too young and too old? Are you over qualified?

My parents struggled so I wouldn’t have to struggle as much, am I letting them down? Is our system of education functional or dysfunctional? Are our marriages functional or dysfunctional? Our system of justice? Our jobs? Our families? What happens when nothing is working? Then, how can we be? Are we all, each one of us, not in need of some serious help? Can you imagine paying someone 67 million to divorce their asses? Why would I pay my spouse to divorce me? Why can't we live in peace and harmony together? Business sense, I would make that deal.

How do we get our much needed help? Do we keep following those we know aren’t going to help us? If I were your enemy and your doctor would you approve? What is it about them that compels you to transfer your authority? Have you surrendered?

How does it feel to surrender to your enemy? He must tell or approve everything you do? Stripped of your traditions, he tells you how to eat, drink and be Merry. Everything you need, to him you must go? Do you understand how you are his important people? Do you understand why he keeps you around? If you did not do what he said, not ask but what he said, “You would be a worthless piece of shit”. Is that worse than struggling? Have mercy on my soul. They may be won without a word.

(((your inner

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