Successful, Am I supposed to be?

Quit dreaming. You got to do this, this and this before you can be successful. You don't have enough money! You don't make enough money? You need a real job!

If our economy was good, I would give some credance to that, but now we need new ideas.

Never mind all your competition, that is situation normal, the opposing team! If you are not being competitive with anyone, what good are you? Parents, it is sometimes hard to hear all your kids ideas and dreams, but just think of all the ideas you are missing. Be careful what you say to your children when they share, and above all, listen when they tell you their dreams.

Does not it work the same in relationships? What about in life? Because you may not see yourself as successful, why kill theirs?

Home is where it all starts, if you don’t help and support, how will they? Who will? Then, how will you ((look???

Let's say we try that. How many ways can we try that? Write them down so we don't forget? What are we going to have for dinner?

Success, another success! How do you spell success? "Brocanteurs"

(((your inner


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