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I am Art Thomas and I am ready to take you "Behind The Scenes" of the greatest self-help/business opportunities of all time.

With nobody around and limited resources, what else can I do? Some people will be orphaned, permanently bereaved of his or her parents.

So you say, What can I do? How can I give anyone help when I have trouble helping myself? By the time they find me will it be too late?

(((1))) - I must open the door to self-help and to all those finding my door, I say welcome. You are welcome to all I have. Learning is an ongoing spiritual quest.

Never think you are along. Being that we the people of the world are going pretty much "backwards", there is plenty you can do to catch up or change your thinking. The thing is, can you swim, remain suspended from most bad temptations, like a baited fish hook?

In our country, we would rather give you $800 per month in food stamps, WIC and TANF than a place to "grow your own". Being that, we are "circling the drain", the suction is enough to pull you down.

The term self-help (or self-improvement) refers to a self-guided method of improvement, in the areas of all your senses - hear, see, taste, touch, smell, spiritual. Spiritual is the most important, to be able to access your Supernatural Powers that suspends the laws of man. Nature is the final authority, just ask death.

The best way and place to seek Self-help is within support groups where people in similar situations join together.

All I can say is, HERE, the curse for sin has been removed and YOU ARE WELCOME.

(((your inner

I hope you visit my webpages and enjoy reading through them as much as I enjoy creating them.

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