Successful Blended Family

It seems domestic violence and abuse are on the rise, so what should we do?

How do you create a Successful Blended Family? My family is torn apart what about yours? Do they need more money or is it love?

A more unified harmonious family, is that here in America? People with all their difference living in peace and harmony? Then why is our country so divided? United we Stand divided we fall.

Some smart person is going to say, better in America than anywhere else, but that is just an excuse, a sense of denial. On the contrary America have more family type problems than any other country in the world. We cannot even get along with the indigenous people of our great land, much less the slaves used to work it, marital and the huge number of people we incarcerate every day.

What exactly is the American family? Are we relatives? Would you help me? You don't even know I exist and most of you are hoping... What are we doing for our senior citizens while we do what? America has a serious family problem, just as our society has a economic and social problems. So, as one big giant melting pot, how do we learn to be a harmonious family?

Relationships are complex and maintaining a healthy balance is ever so important. To give yourself the best chance of success, it's important to start planning. Which brings in our reason for education or would that be ‘education reform’.

Diet, how can you grow strong and healthy when you don’t know what foods are best to eat and everything you are eating is actually destroying you?

Value system, create a safe and secure environment. Well crime and poverty got that. Surely there are well more of the have nots than the haves.

Troubled youth, is your family more important than your job, your profit, your career?

THERE HAS GOT TO BE SOMETHING WE’RE DOING RIGHT! If we created more stable families then we would have a more stable economy.

Priorities in order, divine order!

(((your inner

Ask for what you want

The American Family.

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