To avoid trials and tribulations

It's amazing how we differences. What's the difference between a Black man and a White man? How does one man become inferior or superior to another? Trials and tribulations, well you might not avoid them, but they sure would be a lot easier to tolerate and deal with.

How do you deal with all these things which are destined to occur?

Supplication is a very earnest and humble form of asking, prayer, petition and meditation. There is no time to be casual about the condition we’re in, be on guard. Your life is the first place for a would be attack, so make it the last place that could be successfully overtaken, be secure in that place of peace.

Only those standing in approved condition will have the prospect of surviving. Keep vigilant, constantly making supplication you may succeed in escaping the box, which are all these things that are destined to occur.

I'm working with supplication right now.

(((your inner

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