How much is TV watching costing us

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One of the greatest phenomenons of the industrial age has trapped us and we can't do anything else.

How much does it cost to watch T.V.? Is everything based on dollars and “sense”? Use your “sense”. Multiple networks are cashing in on your entertainment pleasure and edification, accept you?

What are you doing with this new found information and technology? Are you becoming even more lazy and self-centered? Is it information overload?

Can you eat the stuff? Is it the programing or the aggrevating ass commercials?

Is there anything life-sustaining about any of it? It is great to share information, but remember, it is just that until you act upon it. If the information we’re are sharing is so good and useful, then why is our situation quickly becoming direr? The more tv’s and phone’s we get, the less productive we become, why is that?

How much is watching tv costing you? We watch it to relax; we watch it when we’re bored; we watch it live; we watch it recorded; we watch it on our computers, phones, and tablets; in short, we watch it all the time. Right now the costs are astronomical and Jaw-dropping, but you cannot see them? Nobody can make you understand them except yourself and we’re in denial. Talk about drug addiction, what about TV addiction? You are busting your butts and banks to live like the Jones’. The more distressed you become, the more you lean on these artificial means. They make you think you are actually doing something, when you are not - science fiction-action film. The virtual reality of it all is, it is not just for your entertainment, but have imprisoned you?

Do you deserve this technology? Yes and no? Yes, but you must get it under control. No because couple that with the modern American supermarket and fast food, we must take appropriate action now! Right now, too many valuable resources are being wasted, your work is not getting done and your presence is missed.

As Americans, the grand illusion is we are supposed to pay for everything, even though we know some things cannot be bought. We’ll help someone/anyone far off, but no matter how great our needs, we will not help ourselves. Who needs help more than Americans today? If we have the where-with-all, why don’t we help each other build good solid businesses? Who’s going to fill your void?

Who are the Jones’? The Jones’ are the minority of people who are technically smarter and well more advanced than you. You have no earthly idea about this technology or where it can take you. It’s all you can do to master one and by the time you do that, there is already a whole new media means. All you can do is consume and in doing so, you can only get further and further behind or in the hole. A consumer just consumes and after a while they forget how to provide for themselves, because everything is being provided. They get faster and you?

How do you catch-up? Do you really want to catch-up? Where and what is your motivation? Remember, you want to escape smart work? You can’t unless you live that way. You must live a frugal lifestyle to keep from stressing yourself out. Refusing to do so means more busting your butt and bank for ZERO. You cannot have unlimited everything, well you can but it cannot be an illusion.

It's all about you, but timing is everything.

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