The end

Dying with or without dignity?

What is the difference since you are going to die anyway? How can life be any worse than it is? How can it be more good than harm? If the end is always a beginning, how can it be the end? Increasingly people are dying without dignity, and I want to know why.

Some of the things people do to each other -- Hope killers. No guts no glory! Gunning innocent people down, for they do not understand why? What's the rationale of People killing people? Think about the implications of that? It is like eating or drinking poison, you are doing yourself more harm than good. Does death without dignity have to do with pain and suffering? Death without dignity is a dreadful end. I am not dead but I clearly understand that is worst of all.

The end is also the beginning. How can that be? If and only if, you live a good quality of life death is a new life. It’s a new start, a breath of fresh air, a new opportunity. Let us just say, you got out of jail.

Death with dignity is the beginning. Death with dignity..

(((your inner



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