Thinking about things


Many have ideas and great ideas but never action them, why?

Quit thinking about shit and do something. So many of us have great ideas, but they never get off the ground for reason or another.

The crazy thing about it all is people, with whom you have presented your idea, are more than likely idea killers. Idea killers want to know too much. What do they know about their own ideas, that's enough to keep each of us busy for a life time.

We are so hard on each other NO GOOD IDEA GETS OFF THE GROUND. We are always looking for cracks/faults. But I am here to tell you, if you knew a crack/fault when you saw one, our world would be in a much better state of affairs.

Here is how you get your GRAND ideas actioned: Support others in their GRAND ideas, then ask for support in return.

That's the problem, we trust no one which is a great idea, but help anyone with a good idea. It's all about knowing how to work together and doing it. Support my idea!

Do you think everybody is going to be in total 100% agreement with your idea? Support the general idea.

The general idea is to lift as we climb.

Now, here's MY GRAND IDEA: A Humble Farm Refuge

Take less than one minute go here and sign my petition: HFR Petition

(((your inner


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