Threatened People

Will you be the first to step down?

So who is threatening and who is being threatened?

Threaten, people have the feeling of being threatened. That means you must be very careful how and whom you approach - FEAR. Hence, people become more reserved and less reluctant to express their true feelings. Their inhibitions cause them to be withdrawn. It is the quiet before the storm. But when you ask the question, why is the Drug Man more admired than the Preacher Man, now you know.

You have two options: (1) Do nothing or (2) Do something. The question is, What are you going to do? Prayerfully, seek an option, appreciate and embrace the differences in each other.

This requires great acts of Courage. To be Courageous means having Strength and Beauty, choosing Love over hate. Daily action, practice what you preach. What about “Long Drawn-Out Ceremonies”? TV, when we know we are going to be on TV, think about the message you are sending? What are you to do with all those fancy clothes tomorrow? What am I suppose to do with mine? Why Dress up to dress down? Mentality! How can you afford that? Everything comes from poor people. MLK marched with poor people. It is all about poor people. The reason for the season is “Poor People”. That is what MLK was all about.

A man is not supposed to make another man feel as good as this man is making me feel, but is not that what you want? You never know another person’s circumstances.

How much can one man do? If MLK did what he did, just think of the impact of us all pitching in? How much work is there still to be done? With your help, just think how much less there would be to do.

So how can we come together? How can we overcome? The same things that cause Black and White to be separated, in this country, are the same things that cause Black and Brown to be separated – mentality, resentment and misunderstanding. Threatened, we could not afford this yesterday, so how can we afford this today? Where and who are the real citizens? Who is serving who? Is it all about the money? Inhibitions!

Have you climbed so high you are scared to come down? You are threatening me to come up there, where you do not even know. We have got to meet on one accord. How can all these PO FOLK get up there? The shit will come falling down! People power, whatever happened to people power, the power of, for and to the people?

Ain't nobody going to step down? That is what Martin Luther King did. That is how he became so GREAT! You are climbing up the barrel, I grab your foot and you easily shake me off and keep crawling. That is a tough mentality but it is a true mentality. Think of investing in your own communities! The rich are threatening the poor! The heart of the matter!

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