Reading and Writing Do they pay?

Believe it or not, I am often asked that question. How do they pay?

Once upon a time, people were denied reading and writing to deny them access to certain opportunities in the same society in which they lived and worked. What will people do to you when you cannot read or write?

Education and society??? Our society strongly favors reading and writing by promoting and making it mandatory. We enforce that by making it harder for people, who do not conform to our academic standards, to get along in society and we label them illiterate. What is the difference between that and the original problem? Who is writing these laws? People did rebel, but the government got involved, making education a mandatory requirement.

Once labeled, it is hard to take advantage of perks offered in our society, the same society in which you live and work. The bottom line is "we reject them". Rejection hurts! So just why does our society put so much emphasis and pressure on reading and writing? Just what do we expect from and of our people after enduring the rigors of being forced to learn reading and writing? They have no excuse and to minimize feelings of guilt and responsibility. We do not care?

Jobs, our society made education a criteria for getting a job. Go to school! Get an education! Get a high school diploma! Get a college degree! And our government supported, now look at what has happened to our jobs?

Reading and writing are supposed to produce a more productive citizen? So if today is a result of our reading and writing efforts and skills yesterday, what do the facts say? Are we a more productive citizen today? Are we a more productive society? Does the ability to read and write really help?

Even though our society is based upon reading and writing, most folk do not realize how to apply their reading and writing skills to live and make a living. So that tells me most still do not understand the value of reading and writing to their livelihoods. That means our twelve years of education is a waste of time.

Why do we have this long drawn out education system in place, when upon completion, the first skills we abandoned are reading and writing? I do not enjoy reading and writing. It is boring! It is something women do.

To help clarify communications, you need reading and writing. What about the fine print? The more reading and writing we do, the more complicated we make reading and writing. The vocabulary is constantly changing, then who can keep up?

The question was, Does reading and writing pay? Does illiteracy pay? Not as long as our society abuse the privilege of reading and writing. Now, if you want to join the ranks of those who take advantage of illiteracy, then you will profit, but our society will not prosper. To educate, to pay and take advantage of those who don't!

So what are you going to do about this?

(((your inner

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