Toilet Paper Running Out

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How to use toilet paper without butt stinking?

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Category: Personal Hygiene? I say this because some may say, this conversation is vulgar, repulsive and not needed. I say, just the opposite and that is apart of the problem. Things we should talk about, we don't. Therefore, most wash with water less than they should to maintain proper personal hygiene.

Toilet paper sticks in your butt crack and making it itchy, greasy and stinky. So no matter how clean you think your toilet paper wipe was, all you did is clean off the heavy stuff, while smearing the remnants. This can only be removed by water. How do you use toilet paper without but stinking, you cannot.

We put warning labels on cigarettes, why don't we put "make sure you follow dry toilet paper wipes with wet wipes", on toilet paper packages?

I did not know running out of toilet paper constitutes an emergency? So just what do you do when you ain’t got a roll?

If you ran out of toilet paper, would you go next door and borrow some?

I live in a college town, so I am constantly reminded of what our future looks like. The other day my doorbell rang and after answering I learned it was one of my good neighbors, a college student, of which I am very friendly. I was amazed when he stated his shortcoming and asked to borrow a roll of toilet paper.

I used to be a college student so this is nothing new, but my mom explained to me what to do when you ain’t got a roll, so for the rest of my life, I have never been without a roll.

The super surprise came when I nicely explained that to him. I told him, Man, when you run out of toilet paper do not go barrow. Instead, use a wash cloth. He replied, he was not going to do that because it was repulsive, dirty, nasty and he did not want a shitty, smelly rag in his laundry. I said, wash the rag.

I cannot believe there are good well meaning citizens who do not know what to do when they run out of toilet paper. Do you assume you will never be without? I took it that this personal hygiene tip was being taught in every home by parents.

Here we go! What did we do before toilet paper? I have enough rags/wash cloths to use two. I have a face cloth and I have what I commonly refer to as an “ass washing cloth”. The ass washing cloth I use for everything I do not want to get on my face. Further, it saves dirty drawers, toilet paper and a stinky ass. Think of the residue left behind using only paper!

Yes, using only water, I wash my ass after every shit, with my ass wipe cloth. And if you do not desire a smelly ass, I recommend you do the same. Especially camping, it makes a world of difference.

There is a big difference between WIPE and WASH. Up your personal hygiene, keep yourself and your rag cleaner.


(((your inner

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