Toubakolong Partnership Establishment

As of May 2008, the land has been cleared and surveyed by the government. Border trees have been planted and the first agricultural water well constructed. Exacavation for the foundation of the Partnership’s micro-manufacturing atelier/plant has begun, two of the 201 residential lodges have been completed and 3,000 eco-blocks (i.e., bricks) and 100 concrete blocks have been manufactured. The Partnership has an option on 12 additional, contiguous acres of land.

Banjul Property-- In 2007, the Partnership secured a six-year lease on a building in a commercial/residential area in the nation’s capital, the port city of Banjul, for development as a private apartment dwelling and restaurant.

Toubakolong Partnership Objectives

Toubakolong and The Gambia

Toubakolong Partnership Members

Toubakolong Volunteer In Africa

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