Toubakolong Partnership Objectives

    Short Term:

  • Alternative Energy Projects. Mr Ogbonna Mossi has designed a number of patentable, alternative energy devices for manufacture. In cooperation with the Village Development Committee of Toubakolong, the Partnership will manufacture at its own site plant wind turbines, solar showers, solar cookers, eco-toilets and related products for global sales and distribution.

  • Lodges. In 2008-2009, the Partnership will construct five, 20’ single or double occupancy lodges on the Toubakolong site for housing volunteers, tourist and visitors, and will construct its micro-manufacturing atelier/plant and a restaurant.

  • Water Development/Irrigation Project. The partnership has obtained an earth auger and will train local help in construction of bored wells to bring clean water to Toubakolong and surrounding area and establish a company to install bored wells.

  • Youth Cooperative Enterprises. The Partnership will recruit otherwise unemployable youth from the U.S., train and partner them with Gambian peers to develop a number of independent enterprises they will cooperatively own and operate, starting with the desigh, manufacture and sale of a line of small goods and c=merchandise such as golle larger, diversified product line.

    Long-Term Objectives

  • Global Manufacturing Base. The Partnership is set to produce furniture, household items, kayaks, art works, crafts, using indigenous and/or recycled materials directly and with subsidiaries from its Youth Cooperative Enterprises, Partnership members and artists and manufacturers from throughout the African Diaspora for distribution and sales to the adjacent, land-locked African consumer base of 400,000,000 people and beyond, facilitated by the government’s licensure procedures and proximity to the Port of Banjul.

    Responsible Tourism. The Partnership will build additional lodges, several fishing boats and other accoutrements toward development of a tourism, fishing, bird watching and pleasure resorts.

  • Retail Stores. Establishment of the brand and global retail outlets.

    Sister Cities. The Partnership is involved in the initiation of a Sister City affiliation between Savannah, Georgia and Banjul, Gambia, to serve the interest of the Partnership, The Gambia and Diaspora.

Toubakolong and The Gambia

Toubakolong Partnership Establishment

Toubakolong Partnership Members

Toubakolong Volunteer In Africa

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