USA Instigating Violence in Egypt

What is the USA's stake in Egypt (BFE)?

BFE, be careful for what you ask?

The U.S. news and mass media is flooded (like wild-fire) with reports of Egyptian protests in Cairo, Egypt. We are literally being inundated with images and inaccurate information and reports, trying to make sense of the matter.

The USA is instigating violence in Cairo, Egypt by prying into their business, trying to figure out whose side to join or right and wrong, in our minds, DAMN. Well, do not we have enough important business here in America to keep us constructively occupied?

You cannot force anybody to do anything? When people are fighting, who has time to tell a story? You know there are two sides, so why go asking all those stupid questions. I do not blame any Egyptians for threatening to “cut the throats” of any American Journalists attempting to get involved in what is already an out of control situation.

Where are our Good Samaritans, peace keepers, Red Cross, Disaster Relief, should not they be the first responders?

U.S. Journalists are running to Egypt to do what, why? Why do we feel we have a right? What about all the violence going on here in the USA?

It is like hoodlums running to the scene of a fight, if you are not helping to break up the fight, you are only instigating the fight.

Is not all this media commotion cause for concern? So, what is the USA's stake in Egypt, THROWING FUEL ON THE FIRE!


Golden Rule!

Upper class Wanna Bees!






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