Reason for Unanswered Prayer

Pray while you work and play.

I don't know, what are you doing? How would it be to have a woman to ashamed to pray? Did you know prayer is a plan?

Most Popular Reason for Unanswered Prayer: My idea of prayer is effective and efficient communications - that all see what is the fellowship of the mystery, to be saved from death and to avoid confusion.

There are plenty of reasons why our prayers appear unanswered. Here are a few, but all you have to do is “a web search” with the keywords: Most Popular Reason for Unanswered Prayer

Your prayers are not big enough, don’t be petty. Your prayers are too vague, be specific. You presume your prayer will be answered your way and stop praying. And last but certainly not least: They were answered and the answer was ‘No’.All of the reasons start with ‘You’.

And to make matters worse, our government has taken prayer out of public places for fear “they may offend someone”. If you pray, why worry and if you worry why pray? You must have faith accordingly for prayer to do big things in your life.

I don’t know how a man, in sane mind and body could ever figure such a thing, but this tells you what we are up against.

Don’t get angry and stop, pray more. Pray without ceasing, your government will not mind. Who would mind about prayer?

(((your inner


Can anything hinder prayer? Prayer hindrances.

Plan for success.

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