United House of Prayer

For All People

It was so beautiful. How do you do that and thank you for having your gates open.

I was just driving alone and I saw that sign: United House of Prayer, "For All People". On the outside, it seemed he just didin't fit. How could that be?

And about five miles down the road, I was compelled to turn around and check in or check them out.

There was, what appeared to be, a male outside, dressed in what appeared to be a wedding vail, but he did not appear to be femine. He or she was kind of an unsightly soul, but with lots of substance.

What he was doing was inviting people, passerby'ers to this beautiful church, just like you see people standing outside advertising Taxes, or store specials. It did not appear. So I drove all the way back to pray with them?

Where do you go to Sunday School? How often? Where does Sunday School actually take place? Then, I asked myself the same questions about church? A rock to remind you

Where am I going? Am I not like domestic cows on a farm? I was inspired to share this with you: First, how do you clean-up yourself?

How do we get clean energy: My higer consciousness

Can you feel it when something is failing? What do you do? We talk about holding up your end of the bargain? Are you not sure? Are you now questioning your decisions? Were they really your decisions? Find out now!

May GRACE and PEACE be multiplied unto You through the knowledge.

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The perfect example of failing

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