What do all women want?

The same thing you want and the money too!

Let's see if we can get our priorities straight? Who's going first?

Why did not you know that? Why is that so profound? why is that so important?

Because we all are sick-n-tired of hearing your long line of bullshit about how you are going to get this/our country straight. What kind of provider are you?

If you were half the man you claim to be, would we be in this mess? All these years you have had to get women rights straight and if we were still waiting on you....?

I will not mention all those other empty promises! This is serious and something has to be done or we all are going to....

The only thing you are about is SELF.

Now, there are a very few companies who have and still are doing a great job, but we cannot hear from them for all the noise you are making. Fortune 500 here, best auto maker here!

(((your inner voice.com)))


Dysfunctional system with distorted outcomes

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