Lifting your Veil of Ignorance

How do you care for your babies? Live, Learn and Lead.

The struggle for equality, it less or greater today? One is stupid and the other is prosperity. Which do you want and why are you going the other way? Why are you telling me about relationships, when "the whole ship" is damned?

Do you enjoy being tied up? The problem of social and political equality escalates. Freedom and democracy are still the most sought after ideals. So why do we lie about what’s going on in our houses, relationships, lives? If you don’t read another word, read that? What good does it do a man to be on the wrong track?

Are our streets cleaner or dirtier? Are they safer and more secure? Though we say we have better highways, what good are they when they destroy more than they help? Is noise pollution greater or less? Autos with more shit on them but do not last. Better homes, but not affordable. Better health care but do you qualify? Quality of life - depression greater than ever before?

Is it you do not know or is it you don’t want to know? How blind are we? How long can the blind lead the blind, safe and securely? What is the right thing for you to be doing?

Do you see good wholesome value in being led astray? As a people, what is it we should be doing right now? Is it having a cup of coffee, while preparing to go to work? How can a life like that last? If it hasn’t served us well, if it has not lasted long with us, if it has destroy everything good, why do we keep doing it? When are you going to pick-up the cross and follow YOU? When will you start growing your own? When will you learn to stand on your own two feet?

We’ve learned to read, write, count… but there is nothing left to count. How many people hungry, lost, mis-guided, mis-informed, criminals, corrupt, confused… Do you really understand the magnitude, ramification of what’s going on today? Do you understand why our jobs are dwindling, our hating, relationships broken, skyrocketing prices, poor quality work, lying, cheating, killing…it’s all on the increase - Culture, Constitution, Women, Human Beings, Land, Resources... How can you share, talk, help others, when you have nothing nor can do anything for yourself, including unable to carry out your own trash? What do you call a people like that - Pimps, Hustlers and Whores?

Why don’t you know how to treat your women and children? Why do we have to go through this racism bullshit? Do we understand all of it is self-defeating, then why did you do it and why can’t you see it is worse today than it was yesterday - The problem of social and political equality escalates? Why do we make such shit?

Freedom and democracy continue to be the most sought after ideals. Is it normal for prices to soar off the charts, to pay more for less,,,was that the goal of the founding fathers? Did they conquer America for us to do what we’re doing today? Are we just a destructive people, remembering this shit didn’t just get started? How long will you allow your jobs or what’s left of them to fool you? How long will we value our self worth based upon the jobs/titles our enemies bestow upon us?

We want to build better relationships, we do not want to be stressed or depressed and nor do we want to be poisoning the rest of the world... How long will you feed The Pig? How long will The Pig demand to be fed? Who decides? The slave holds a book representing education and crouches over a nation that died in infancy - the economic and social decline of a once-prosperous people. Live, Learn and Lead. Now, we need a "fucking bus" to get to school, what about fuel?

YOUR VEIL OF IGNORANCE, you are nothing more than a cold, rocky reminder of a cruel past, you remain fixed in the present and stand, stone-faced, in the way of the future.

I am puzzled, unable to decide whether this veil of ignorance is really being lifted, or lowered more firmly in place; whether I am witnessing a revelation or a more efficient blinding.

“A race, like an individual, lifts itself up by lifting others up.” - Booker T. Washington

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